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Last night 33 of Carol Meier's friends and family got together to celebrate Carol's life.  We were able to spend several hours talking about Carol, sharing Carol stories and in general having a good time.  Carol was there in spirit and enjoyed every minute.  Thanks to all who came.


55th Class Reunion

The 55th reunion is now history.  I apprecaite all of the comments made to me about how nice it was, but I was not alone in this project.  Carol Jo Meier started the ball rolling on the 55th, but unfortunately did not make it through to the end.  I looked back at some of the previous reunions and how many people were on the reunion committees and the multiple meetings that they had to pull everything together.  With the advance in communication & publishing methods the need for a huge committee is no longer needed, but there were still a number of people involved in the plannig and executioon.

This years committe consisited of:

  • Carol Jo Meier
  • Martha (King) Andriacco
  • Jim Beeber
  • Barb & Jim Bushman
  • Emily (Messer) Bradley
  • Gary Drake
  • Elaine (Goertemiller)Lynch
  • Shirley (Connett) Sarley
  • Karen (Hahn) Stewart
  • Pat (Hennessey) Thomas

Special thanks go out to Barb (Binkley) Bushman who stepped in to help out after Carol passed and Karen (Hahn) Stewart.  They offered tremendous, help & support.

I also would be remiss in not thanking the spouses of pur committee members (especially my wife, Marie) who allowed their spouses to work on this event and in several cases actually took part in the planing & execution this past weekend.

Bob Jacobs

I am sorry to report that Carol Jo Meier passed away August 21, 2017.  

 I was notified today that Bob Lindwall died July 3, 2017.  

Please click on their names to read thier death notices and leave comments.


As all of you know Cleon J Wingard was the Principal at Woodward for the whole time we were there. The following link will take you a tribute to Mr. Wingard on the class of 1965's web site.      Cleon J. Wingard

Click here for an article and video on the new Woodward Career Technical High School football stadium featuring a glimpse of the Pete Johnston memorial.

We have lost touch with quite a few of our class members.  If you know the contact information for any of those we are missing, please email  The missing list on the web site and the missing list that was recently mailed to you may be different.  The web site marks anyone who has not registered on the web site as missing.




“The Big Baby Boomer Birthday Bash”
Coney’s Moonlite Gardens 
September 30, 2017 , Sat. 6:30 pm
 Live Band – Four on the Floor
Buffet – Cash Bar – Cost:  $50.00 per person
Gather a group of your favorite friends .  Call your classmates. 

Check payable to:  Emily Lobert , 783 Woodside Ct., Villa Hills, Ky 41017

If you would like to remember someone who has passed, 
please bring a photo to attach to the
Memory Wall.
Photo Booth available to make memories with old friends.
!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you there !!!!!!!!
 RSVP by Sept. 15th, 2017

Proceeds from this event will be going to a charity. 


Lois Nathan  11/23
Gary Ault  11/28
Donald Paul  12/6
Truman (T K) Walling  12/11
Philip M. Gravely  12/15
Donald R. Misrach  12/15
Thomas S. Boyer  12/17
Reggie Berg (Nudell)  12/20
Charles Shuller  12/20